"Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world." -Eduardo Galeano

Our mission

Make the complex simple. To offer solutions adapted to the needs of companies and professionals, innovating in the process and taking care of the small details.

Our vision

To achieve sustainable growth and reduce our carbon footprint, setting an example and motivating all other companies to make a difference in the world.

Our corporate values

Simplicity, sustainability and responsibility.

OPTREN is also made by little people. Three computer science students who came together with a common idea, "how can we do our bit to turn the world into a better place?" We firmly believe that, as Galeano says, by doing small things, you can truly change the world.

As a first value to develop, we have taken simplicity. We believe that there is no need to make things more complex than they already are, and that all the problems of the world have a simple solution, so our first objective is that: to solve the problems in the simplest way possible, while providing value to our customers.

As a second and third value, we are committed to sustainability and responsibility. Starting by ourselves, given the kind of company we want to be, we have set a maximum annual growth rate that allows us to be that kind of worker who has decided to work on what they like and do it intelligently (<40h/week). On the other hand, we help our clients grow by allowing them to pay in comfortable terms where we adapt to their needs.

We also devote 10% of our profits to caring for the environment through associations such as Reforesta, because we also believe that we have no future without a planet. By the end of 2020 we hope to have planted at least 200 trees.

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